Operating Engineers Local 12 Master Agreement

Operating Engineers Local 12 Master Agreement: What You Need to Know

Operating Engineers Local 12 is a union that represents heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and surveyors in Southern California. They negotiate a Master Agreement with their employers every few years, which lays out the terms and conditions of employment for their members. Here are some important things to know about the Operating Engineers Local 12 Master Agreement.

Wages and Benefits

The Master Agreement sets out the wage rates for different types of work and different levels of experience. For example, a journeyman heavy equipment operator might earn $41.37 per hour, while a trainee could earn as little as $21.87 per hour. There are also different rates for operators who work with certain types of equipment, such as cranes or pile drivers.

Benefits for Local 12 members include health insurance, pension plans, and a training fund. The health insurance plan covers both the member and their dependents, and includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. The pension plan provides retirement benefits based on years of service and earnings, and the training fund offers classes and certifications to help members improve their skills and stay current with industry standards.

Working Conditions

The Master Agreement also covers working conditions for Local 12 members. It sets out rules for overtime, shift differentials, and meal and rest breaks. It also addresses safety concerns, such as requiring employers to provide appropriate safety equipment and training for their employees.

One important provision of the Master Agreement is the hiring hall system. This is a centralized system that allows employers to hire Local 12 members for job openings. Members who are in good standing with the union can sign up for the hiring hall and be dispatched to work sites as needed. This helps ensure that employers have access to skilled and reliable workers, and that Local 12 members have access to job opportunities.

Contract Negotiations

The Master Agreement is negotiated between Local 12 and a group of employers who are part of the Associated General Contractors of California. These negotiations can take several months and involve a lot of back-and-forth between the two sides.

During negotiations, Local 12 members may hold rallies or picket lines to draw attention to their cause. Employers may also use lockouts or other tactics to try to gain leverage in the negotiations. Ultimately, the goal is to reach an agreement that is fair and equitable for both sides.


The Operating Engineers Local 12 Master Agreement is an important document for both employers and employees in the heavy equipment industry. It sets out the wages, benefits, and working conditions for Local 12 members, and provides a framework for labor-management relations. By understanding the key provisions of the Master Agreement, both sides can work together to create a safe and productive work environment.